Wood Carving Knife Set (2 pce)

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Basic Wood carving tool sets for beginners are a must-have for a new wood carver or whittler! Without a doubt, good-quality knives make wood crafting a lot more enjoyable and much easier. 

The Wood Carving Knife Set (2 pce) contains 2 specialist carving knives, a polishing compound, a leather strop and packaged in a handy canvas pouch.

The blades are made of high-carbon steel with a comfortable timber handle. Designed with the highest quality and convenience for your whittling, cutting, and carving projects.

Choosing a carving knife is really a personal choice and can be confusing. Why not get started with basic Wood carving tool sets for beginners.



Straight Top with a Curved Cutting Edge

Used for slicing and concave cuts. The curve helps so your blade won't bite into the wood when making a tight curve. Try a tight concave cut with a straight bottom knife (like C) and notice how it will kind of jump or skitter across the wood.

  • Total length –165mm
  • Blade length –60mm
  • Blade width –16mm
  • Handle length –117mm


Curved Top with a Straight Cutting Edge
This style is your basic carving knife. Useful for a variety of carving. A longer blade in this style will remove a lot of wood fast. A shorter blade in this style will work well for your details. The shorter blade can also be used for chip carving.

  • Total length –174mm
  • Blade length –38mm
  • Blade width –8mm
  • Handle length –133mm

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