Assorted Blocks

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Chock-a-block box full of sustainably produced Assorted Balsa Blocks are a great Learning Resource for Pre-School and Early Years classrooms. 

Box Size: (21x32x32cm)

Block Size: from 3.5x3.5x6.5 cm up to 4x10x30cm

Balsawood is Kiln-dried and non-toxic timber that's easy to work with. It is lightweight, and most importantly, has no harmful tannins, toxins or splinters. Compared to other hardwoods, balsa blocks are easily carved, hand-fabricated or machined to shape.

Locally manufactured in South Australia from premium quality Auszac EcoBalsa - sourced from sustainable plantation-grown timber.

  • Wooden bird toys and chews
  • Classroom construction and sensory activities
  • Guiding logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Timber craft projects
  • Wood carving/ whittling projects
  • Woodworking classes
  • School Projects

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