Celery Top Pine Seconds Pack

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Celery Top Pine Seconds Packs are made up of a variety of different size sticks in 280mm lengths.

Perfect for all smaller STEM modelling and craft projects that require strong material!

Packs contain CTP with some or all of the following :

  • 1.5x6.5mm
  • 1.5x9.5mm
  • 1.5x12.5mm
  • 3x6.5mm
  • 3x9.5mm
  • 3x12.5mm,
  • 6.5x6.5mm
  • 6.5x9.5mm
  • 6.5x12.5mm

10 - 20 sticks, depending on the availability, sizes may vary, wood may have dark edges or contain knots.

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