Balsa BLOCK 915mm

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Balsa Wood Timber Blocks - sustainably produced balsa wood blocks. Kiln-dried and non-toxic, these wooden blocks are therefore safe for all woodworking crafts, kids’ activities and pets.

In fact, balsa blocks are available in a large range of size formats. From 20mm to 50mm thick, and up to 100mm wide, there's undoubtedly a 915mm long balsa block to suit almost any project.

Balsawood is, above all, a natural timber that's easy to work with. As a matter of fact, balsa is perfect for a variety of school projects. It is lightweight, and most importantly, has no harmful tannins, toxins or splinters. Compared to other hardwoods, balsa blocks are easily carved, hand fabricated or machined to shape.

Large or small, thin or thick, narrow or wide, without a doubt, you're likely to find a balsa wood block to suit any project.

  • Wooden bird toys and chews
  • Classroom construction and sensory activities
  • Guiding logical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Timber craft projects
  • Wood carving/ whittling projects
  • Woodworking classes
  • School Projects

Balsa Wood Timber Blocks are locally manufactured in Australia. As a matter of fact, Balsacentral uses only premium quality Auszac EcoBalsa - sourced from sustainable plantation-grown timber.

Basically, balsa wood blocks make every craft project a joy!

However, if you need something different for your woodworking project let us know what size block you want and we'll send you a quote.

Note - the 90x90mm section blocks are laminated two pieces, the other sizes are all from a single piece of timber. 

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