Balsa Rectangle 915mm

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Balsa Wood for school projects - Rectangles are one of the most popular and versatile Balsa Wood shapes. Both as a teaching resource for primary and secondary school teachers, and for university students. Whether it's for a school art project, or for a building or design assessment, you’ll find a size to suit your needs.

Available in 915mm lengths and a variety of dimensions:

  • 1.5x3x915mm
  • 1.5x5x915mm
  • 1.5x6.5x915mm
  • 1.5x12.5x915mm
  • 1.5x25x915mm
  • 2.5x5x915mm
  • 3x5x915mm
  • 3x6.5x915mm
  • 3x9.5x915mm
  • 3x12.5x915mm
  • 3x19x915mm
  • 6.5x9x915mm
  • 6.5x12.5x915mm
  • 6.5x19x915mm
  • 12.5x25x915mm

Balsa wood is, emphatically, an amazing lightweight timber. In fact, it's the lightest commercial timber in the world! Even though it's classified as a hardwood, balsa is both lightweight and strong.

As a result, the unique combination of strength-to-weight ratio, Balsa Wood for school projects are perfect for:

  • Remote Controlled (RC) Aeromodelling. 
  • Bridge-building models
  • Design projects
  • Building models
  • Architect models
  • Construction projects 
  • Art projects
  • In fact, just about any school project that requires more unique shapes

The width measurement refers to the flat section, the thickness is the measurement perpendicular to the width.

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