Balsa Round 915mm

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Balsa Wood Round Sticks - a popular choice for both teachers and students Because of the variety of diameters, (from 5mm to 30mm) 

Because of the variety of diameters, (from 5mm to 30mm) the wooden dowels can be used for STEM projects, art and craft applications as well as, architectural modelling and even jousting tournaments!

Balsa wood is, emphatically, an amazing lightweight timber. In fact, it's the lightest commercial timber in the world! Even though it's classified as a hardwood, balsa is both lightweight and strong.

As a result, the unique combination of strength-to-weight ratio, Balsa Wood Round Sticks are perfect for:

  • Remote Controlled (RC) Aeromodelling. 
  • Bridge-building models
  • Design projects
  • Building models
  • Architect models
  • Construction projects 
  • Art projects
  • Scale buildings
  • Trains
  • Wheel axles
  • Miniature furniture for dollhouses

They can also be used for dowel-like jobs, providing extra strength and ‘pinning’ joins or cutting into sections for wheels, axles and spacers.

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