Balsa Sheet A4

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Balsa wood for education projects is a popular material for both teachers and students. The larger A4 balsa sheet size lets you cut larger, more complicated components by hand or laser machine.

Even though Balsa is classified as a hardwood, balsa wood sheets are both lightweight and strong.

A3 Balsa wood sheets are locally manufactured in Australia. As a matter of fact, we use only premium-quality Auszac EcoBalsa. Grown from our own sustainable plantations in PNG.

As a result, the unique combination of strength-to-weight ratio, Balsa wood for education projects is perfect for:

  • Remote Controlled (RC) Aeromodelling. 
  • Bridge-building models
  • Design projects
  • Building models
  • Architect models
  • Construction projects 
  • Art projects
  • In fact, just about any school project that requires more unique shapes

A4 sheets may have two or three laminated joints that are carefully positioned and barely visible.

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