Carving Block Starter Kit (10 piece pack)

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Balsa Wood Carving - Whittling Blocks

Similar to Basswood, the soft, uniform density and texture, make these blocks easy to carve and the light wood shows every fine pattern detail in your carving project. The Carving Block Starter Kit (10 piece pack) is great for beginners, and containers a mix of both hard and light blocks.

  • 35x35x100mm Soft
  • 35x35x100mm Hard
  • 50x50x100mm Soft
  • 50x50x100mm Hard
  • 50x75x100mm Soft
  • 50x75x100mm Hard
  • 50x50x150mm Soft
  • 50x50x150mm Hard
  • 50x75x150mm Soft
  • 50x75x150mm Hard

Lightweight and with no harmful tannins, toxins or splinters, balsa Wood Carving - Whittling Blocks are great for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced!

Practice your carving skills so be creative.

Craft, whittle, carve, and shape your creative wood projects, decorative crafts, DIY art projects.

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