MAB Hundreds, Tens and Ones Set

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Natural MAB Hundreds, Tens and One’s Set is locally manufactured in Australia.

Made from High-Density Balsa Wood, the  MAB Hundreds, Tens and One’s Set is used to learn metric principles by demonstrating place value and base ten concepts. Children gain knowledge of the fundamentals of regrouping and place value with the use of cubes, units, rods and flats.

Balsa Wood is an organic and responsibly sourced timber that grows in plantations in PNG.  It is a vital crop for many villages in the East New Britain area and matures quickly (3-5 years) making it one of the fastest-growing trees in the world.

As a matter of fact, Balsacentral uses only premium quality Auszac EcoBalsa - sourced from sustainable plantation-grown timber.

These natural timber sets support learning in both the classroom and at home. From personal and physical development to building an understanding of the world, these Natural timber sets are a great addition to any toy room or classroom.

  • Construction
  • Observation
  • Sensory


  • Material: Balsa Wood
  • Pack Quantity: 1 x Thousand Block, 10 x Hundred pieces, 10 x Tens pieces, 100 One’s pieces.

Sustainably produced Natural Wooden Stacking Bricks are Kiln-dried and non-toxic. These wooden blocks are therefore safe for all woodworking crafts and kids’ activities.

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