IckySticky A3 Self Healing Cutting Mat

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The Ideal cutting mat for crafters and hobbyists alike. You can use it for arts and crafts projects such as sewing, quilting, glass cutting, scrapbooking, leather cutting, model kit building and endless other uses.

You get a smooth surface even after multiple uses. The cutting mat possesses unique self-healing properties, allowing it to RESEAL itself after EVERY CUT.

LASTS 10 TIMES AS LONG compared to ORDINARY MATS. It is THICK and DOUBLE SIDED to protect your tables or work areas.

EASY and ACCURATE CUTTING. The self-healing mat contains different sets of clear grid lines, precision measurements and angles that will greatly help the cutting process.

Our cutting mat material is high-quality PVC, it doesn't contain any toxic chemicals, eco-friendly and durable and ROHS test!


  • 45cm x 30cm x 4mm
  • double sided print both metric and imperial
  • angle grid pattern
  • 5 ply special pvc
  • heavy duty mat resists curling and warping

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