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Our Balsawood craft packs are made right here in Adelaide using our own Auszac EcoBalsa; grown responsibly and sustainably by us in our PNG balsa plantation, so you're buying local, sustainable and quality-controlled!

There's a balsa pack to suit almost any project imaginable!

Balsa Brick PACK - 238 8.0x11x25mm Bricks

Balsa Sheet PACK - 14 3.0x75x225mm Sheet

Balsa Stick PACK - 120 3.0x9.5x150mm Sticks

Balsa Matchsticks PACK - (8x90) 3.0x90mm Matchsticks

Balsa Squares PACK - (4x40) 6.5x100mm Squares

Balsa Assorted PACK

10 3.0x75x100mm

2 40x40x70mm Block

25 3.0x9.5x150mm Sticks

90 3.0x3.0x50mm Matchsticks

25 8.0x11x25mm Bricks

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