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A Balsa Wood School Box is, without a doubt, perfect for STEAM class engagement. Whether for designing bridges and buildings or creating planes and robots, all that s needed is a little imagination as well as some classroom basics like scissors, glue, and paint.

Kiln-dried and non-toxic, balsa wood is, therefore, safe for all woodworking crafts, kids’ activities and pets. As a matter of fact, Balsacentral uses only premium quality Auszac EcoBalsa. Sourced from sustainable plantation-grown timber, Balsa is, above all, a natural timber that's easy to work with.

In fact, balsa is perfect for a variety of crafts. It is lightweight, and most importantly, has no harmful tannins, toxins or splinters. Compared to other hardwoods, blocks, sheets, squares and sticks are easily cut, carved, hand fabricated or machined to shape.

  • ASP  - Our most popular School Box by far and filled to the brim with an amazing assortment of shapes (triangles, squares, and rounds) as well as a variety of Balsa wood sheets and Blocks.
  • BSP - We cram as many variously sized balsa wood blocks as humanly possible into a box measuring 260 x 330 x 450mm. Blocks are useful for building construction, game creation, and tower building.
  • CSP  - Perfect for any construction requiring sheeted balsa wood of various thicknesses and widths.

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