Large Balsa Pack

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Balsa Wood Craft Packs are, without a doubt, a great addition to your craft supplies.

Kiln-dried and non-toxic, balsa wood is, therefore, safe for all woodworking crafts, kids’ activities and pets. As a matter of fact, Balsacentral uses only premium quality Auszac EcoBalsa. Sourced from sustainable plantation-grown timber, Balsa is, above all, a natural timber that's easy to work with.

As a matter of fact, balsa is perfect for a variety of crafts. Most importantly, basla wood is light weight and has no harmful tannins, toxins or splinters. Compared to other hardwoods, blocks, sheets, squares and sticks are easily cut, carved, hand fabricated or machined to shape.

Large Pack

  • 6 of 35 x 35 x 65mm balsa wood blocks
  • 6 of 35mm balsa wood cubes
  • 12 each of 3.0 x 75 x 50,75 & 100mm balsa wood sheets
  • 144 of 8.0 x 11.0 x 25mm balsa wood bricks
  • 120 of 3.0 x 9.5 x 150mm balsa wood rectangles
  • 7 of 75 x 450mm balsa wood sheets
  • 2 of 100 x 450mm balsa wood sheets
  • 4 of 12.5 x 450mm squares

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