Balsa Sheet 75 x 915mm

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Balsa wood for education projects is a popular material for both teachers and students. Even though Balsa is classified as a hardwood, balsa wood sheets are both lightweight and strong.

Balsa wood sheets are locally manufactured in Australia. As a matter of fact, we use only premium-quality Auszac EcoBalsa. 

As a result, the unique combination of strength-to-weight ratio, Balsa wood for education projects is perfect for:

  • Remote Controlled (RC) Aeromodelling. 
  • Bridge-building models
  • Design projects
  • Building models
  • Architect models
  • Construction projects 
  • Art projects
  • In fact, just about any school project that requires more unique shapes

The standard balsa sheet we supply is medium density, however, we understand you sometimes need something different for your school project.

Airolite sheets are machined from lightweight balsa and scale weighted (64 - 96 kg/m3 or 4 - 6 lbs/ft3). Download the Airolite Calculator for more information.

Competition Select sheets machined and scale weighted to any specific densities requested. Download the Balsa Wood Density Calculator for more information.

*Note - supply of some sizes and densities may be based on availability.  Please contact us prior to ordering Competition Select sheets for confirmation.


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