Balsa Square 1220mm

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*Over-size freight surcharge applicable

Balsa Squares (or Balsa Sticks) are one of our most popular and versatile Balsa Wood shapes.

Available in 915mm (36") and 1220mm (48") lengths and a variety of dimensions from 2.5mm square to 25.0mm square. Their strength and lightweight properties make them suitable for constructing architectural models, bridge-building competitions and aircraft modelling. Some sizes are available in HD (High Density) balsa wood for extra strength. 

Square sizes greater than 25.0mm see Balsa BLOCKS.

** Please take care when unpacking the 1.0mm Squares (pack of 10.) 

* We try our hardest to make shipping as affordable as possible, but shipping rates for items over 1 meter in length attract an over-size surcharge that we are unfortunately unable to cover.

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