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There are emphatically always a few tools and supplies every crafter/ modeller should have around. Without a doubt, this Aluminium Mitre Box for hobbies is one!

Aluminium mitre boxes allow modellers to easily make precise angled cuts, usually at 45 or 90 degrees. These small mitre boxes are especially great for those who prefer to cut by hand instead of using power tools. They are also less expensive than power tools, which is why many prefer to use a mitre box and saw.

This high-quality aluminium mitre box has two 45- and one 90-degree cutting slot that has been machined for accuracy. It also has two small slots in the base to hold narrow strips of wood or metal. The overall length of the mitre box is 135mm and can hold larger materials up to 42mm wide and 19mm thick. 

Whatever saw you use, Tenon saw, Dovetail saw, Razor saw, Hack saw or Plastic pipe saw, this Aluminium Mitre Box for hobbies is something you’ll find something useful and practical.  

Above all, we want to make modelling and crafting a little bit easier!

  • Model railways
  • dollhouse construction
  • scale modelling
  • picture framing
  • jewellery making
  • wooden toy making
  • scratch modelling
  • architecture models

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