Plated T Pin 1.1x53mm (50 pce)

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Introducing the indispensable tool every Balsa wood model enthusiast needs - T Pin for building models! Available in two handy sizes.

  • Plated T Pin 1.1x53mm (50 pce)
  • Plated T Pin 0.8x27mm (100 pce) 

Without a doubt, glueing intricate and detailed Balsa wood models requires precision. What better way to achieve that than with these strong 53mm long fine T-pins? Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist, or just beginning your creative journey, these pins ensure that your model pieces hold in place accurately.

T Pin for building models are sold in a box of 100, and made of durable and robust plated steel. To point out, they have many advantages over common household dressmaker's pins. With uniformly smooth, extra-sharp points, the handy "T" heads make it easy to push the pins in without getting a sore thumb. Designed to use again and again without causing damage to your delicate Balsa wood models.

In summary, there are always a few tools and supplies every crafter should have around. Using these T-pins, you’ll undoubtedly elevate your Balsa wood model skills to new heights! As can be seen, from small school projects to large-scale models, T-Pins are a must for all crafting and modelling projects. 

  • Aero modelling
  • Train models
  • Architecture 
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Gaming
  • School projects

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